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how much I am going to miss Brian’s help while he is gone?  He is always such a big help around here.  I can leave the house in minutes (instead of an hour) because of him.  In an instant the babies are in their carseat, the big kids buckled in and all of my stuff in the van.  All the while I can finish getting ready (like, you know, put deoderant on), grab my coffee and head out.  I can honestly tell you I am very thankful for his help every day.
Oh, by the way, he is leaving for Germany in September (for 5 weeks), then heading overseas sometime in the begining of next year.  All courtesy of the US ARMY.
Updated: August 17, 2008 — 7:46 am

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  1. Oh hugs Kelly. I know you’ll do well though. You’re a strong woman who can do anything… though it may take awhile. Even though I don’t have twins I know how you feel. I plan for the getting in, getting out, and back again of little trips. Isn’t it funny how we plan “extra” time just to get the kids situated and ready to go?


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