He said “Mama”

Not Vincent, Jack!  Ok, go ahead and laugh, tell me I am being silly, but he seriously said “Mama.”  And Brian heard it too.  We were driving down the road and Jack had started to fuss, then he just said it clear as day.  He may not have said as if though he actually knew what he was saying, but he said it.  Jut for the record, Kenniston said “Mama” at this age as well and every time she would get hungry she would say “Mama.”  I personally think it was because I would say “you want some Mama’s milk?”  when I would feed her. 
On a side note, both babies are rolling over now.  Jack goes from stomach to back and almost back to stomach and Ruby does both.  Honestly, I am scared to see what life will be like in 3-4 months.
Updated: June 26, 2008 — 11:33 pm
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