Here’s a thought or Two on socialization

When I was in junior high school I got in trouble for passing a note. There was this boy, he and I would joke around. I don’t remember much, just something about him teasing me and I think it had to do with a toaster…but I digress. Anyway, I got in trouble for socializing.

When I was in school, there was a rule about getting to class on time. If you were caught socializing in the hallway after the bell rang you were given a free trip to the principals office. No ifs ands or buts.

Everyday in class you were required to be quiet and listen to the teacher. It was time for the teacher to speak, not time for socializing.

So could someone please tell me why – WHY do they think going to a school will give my child more chances to socialize? Better yet why do they think it will help them socialize and why this is something they think is good? If the desire is to learn instead of socialize in a school, then why is it so important to get socialization in a place where my kids are taught to learn instead of socialize?

If so many people are worried about home schoolers socializing, then perhaps they should look at their own views of socializing. I do want my own children to learn how to act in all situations, at home, with people outside of their comfort zone, with adults, around teachers, other children, etc. Because I care about how they interact with other people I make a point to engage my children in such situations. My children attend church, go to childcare settings during my Bible studies, Awanas, art groups, play-dates, small groups….need I say more? Yes, my children are taught about how to act around other people (with love, respect and kindness) AND they are given many opportunities to behave said expected way.

I don’t know what every other homeschooling family does out there, but after talking to many other mom’s it seems I am not the only one with such thoughts and ideas on the subject.

So to those curious about my children’s socialization, please come over anytime and you tell me how you think we are doing. Until then, please sit back and think about it.

Updated: October 12, 2009 — 4:49 am
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