highs and lows

2008 was an interesting year to say the least.  I thought I would post a list of highs and lows frm the year (in no particular order)

high: how could I not think of this one right away?  The TWINS!  Their amazing all natural birth!  It was so amazing!

low: lack of sleep after (and before) said birth.

high: Vincent reading books!  I am so proud of that kid.

low: Ruby in the ER at just 3 weeks old. (turned out to be a virus)

high: Vincent asking Jesus into his heart.

low:  worrying about the shape of Jack’s head. 

high: watching Kenniston grow into her own little person.  Seeing her imagination grow and her love of princesses and fairies blossom.

low: Vincent getting Croup twice.  All of us getting a tummy bug.

high:  Nobody NEEDED to have antibiotics.  Ruby was given them because of her high fever (at three weeks old), but she didn’t actually need them.

high: watching the kids grow a huge interest in Bible stories, then acting them out through out our day

low:  having 4 kids under the age of 4 (but that only lasted few a few months…then Vincent turned 4)

high: completing our family

low:  learning how to respond to strangers (rude) comments about the size of my family

high:  watching Kenniston dance around the house singing “ballerina ballerina”

low:  the spills and messes from kiddos wanting to do everything on their own

high: teaching my kids to do things on their own (pouring their own drinks, getting their own cereal, setting the table, etc)

low:  Brian going away for training – twice

high: recieving various flowers from my kiddos…clovers in the spring and summer, then bunches of flowers from Trader Joes when the wild flowers in the yard died. 

low:  ER visit for Jack on Christmas Eve thanks to a very high fever (turned out to be a virus)

high: family vacation (church camping trip and extended family time in MT during the summer and then again to Leavanworth this winter)

low:  potty training, need I say more?  lol

high: blackberry picking with the kids, apple picking with the kids, fresh produce from the farmers market

low:  seeing some good friends move to Texas (military)

high:  seeing clothes for 4 kids lined up on my couch almost every night (for the next day)

high:  having Brian home for an entire year (minus weeks here and there for training, but not like a long deployment…which will happen in 2009). 

low: knowing Brian will leave for a deployment sometime in January

high:  celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, but 11th year together as a couple

high:  not only having Brian home, but having his help!  Wow has that been amazing!

high: many many visitors (Nana and Papa Scott, Heidi, Uncle Phil and Aunt Sherry, then Tonya, then Grandma and Grandad)

high: watching my family grow spiritually!  Man it has been amazing to see our family grow together in Christ.

high:  going to MOPS again!  Boy did I miss my old group of MOPS ladies!

high: kiddos going to the YMCA for various classes (Vincent soccer, twins swimming, both big kids free style gym class)

low: having to miss those classes thanks to any given child being sick (having 4 kids changes A LOT in that area!)

high: Finally having Vincent evaluated and finding out he is advanced.  While that brings on its own set of “issues” it is good to finally have a good professional evaluation from somebody who specializes in children.

high:  watching Kenniston want to be such a good helper and sister.  She is still rough with babies, but I know she wants so badly to play with them.  I love watching the process (no matter how frustrating!).

high: seeing many of my friends find out that they are expecting…hoping to hear that a few others find out the same news soon!
(edited to add: CONGRATS TO AUNT MANDY!!!  She found out the great news Jan 1st!)

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