His “Daily Blessings” seems to be working

A few months ago I decided to find a way to tell Vincent positive things about his day.  I didn’t want to overly sugar coat everything or make a “Vincent did good today” kinda chart.  Actually, I take that back…we did try it for a while, but I felt like he wanted a reward sticker for every little thing which seemed to downplay the significance.

So, instead, I made up a little nightly routine.  Every night after Brian reads and prays with the kiddos they part their ways.  Kenniston stays in her bed in the big kids room and Vincent goes to our floor to fall asleep (we then move him to his own bed, but that is a post in itself).  After Vincent lays down I come in and tell him 3-4 ways he was a blessing to our family that day.  It can be small things from helping someone out, or apologizing with out being asked to, or doing a task right away with out any protest, even things like being extra patient or polite. 

It has worked so well that he will randomly say (after a task) ”Mommy, that can be one of my blessings for the day!”  I am so proud of him for really thinking about his actions that way.  He actually wants to help our family out and think about what he is doing.  He still makes mistakes (don’t we all?) and it takes some reminding, but I can definitly tell a difference in his behaviour through out his day.  In fact others have noticed and commented as well.  So, we have one kiddo through this crazy 4-year-old stage, three to go! 

Updated: January 13, 2009 — 4:49 am
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