Holiday Train Ride

A while back I signed us up for a Holiday Train ride that was sponsored by the USO and BNSF.  It was a free event for the military families that signed up in time for the limited tickets.  I am so glad I stayed up late to sign up for the tickets, it was an experience I know the kids won’t forget!

We arrived early knowing that there would be a lot of families going on the train ride.  It was a very cold day, so most people were inside the train station waiting.  After speaking with the cordinator of the event, I decided to stay outside and just wait by the train.  I am glad I did, we ended up being first in a line of almost 400 people!


While we were in line we heard someone calling our name, when we turned around we were surprised to see our friend Brielle!  Tonya (Brielle’s mom) worked, so her sister, Kristen (whose husband is in the Army and is stationed at Fort Hood) and mom took Brielle for the week.  They took scored tickets to the train ride!  It was neat running into them, we don’t get to see them very often.


We waited (and waited and waited) a long time..

The girls found Daddy to be a great source of entertainment!



Finally, it was time to board the train!  The kids were in awe over everything.  We had never ridden a REAL train before!


After we found a seat, the kids immediately found their conductor hats and put them on.



Brian and I may have joined in the fun 🙂

Ready to go on a train ride with this good lookin' dude and a crew of kiddos!

Jack loved being so close to the action of the railyard!  He stared out the window most of the time.



After a while the staff came around with treats (and then again with more treats!).


Meanwhile Kenniston found Brielle in the next car over and joined her for some girlfriend time!


The two chatted away for the latter half of the ride!  I found them just staring out the window at the lights…


Evenutally Santa came by to visit the kiddos…

We found this dude on the train. #santa

And then…HOT COCOA!


What a great experience!

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