5624 Davis Lane has been our home for 3 years and 10 months. For us, that is a long time. A really long time. The longest time we have lived in a place together. It is the longest I have lived in one location, since I was 16. It is the house that the kids all know as “home.” It will be hard to move on, but it is time. We have had a string of amazing neighbors, we could not have asked for better neighbors. The other neighbors, however, I spent many, MANY nights praying for. I also prayed with them. And took them to places I prayed my children would never see or know of.
I know God put me close to these neighbors for a reason, but I have felt that was time to move on for a while.

In March, we will move to Dupont Washington. A quaint, community just across the highway from Fort Lewis. When I say quaint, I mean seriously, straight from a book quaint. Everybody knows everybody. The Forza barista knows us, really well. The librarian knows us. The lady at the Chinese buffett knows my mom. You get the point. There are sidewalks, parks, cute parades, celebrations, and loads of military families. We know this area well. I have felt lead to this area for a long time, but was just waiting for the right time. When Brian suggested it a few months ago, although I was hesitant at first, I knew that was God’s cue.

We will go from an 1100 square foot ranch style home to a 1600 square foot 2 story house. With a HUGE FENCED backyard complete with a deck. Can we say garden, bar b que and best of all PLAYSCAPE!!

Until we have keys in hand and can get some better photos (I took these quickly on our viewing of the house). Here are a few to tide you over.

The backyard:


The kitchen (and yes, that is a bar, that might just need some barstools!)


The dining room (big enough for a family of 6 sized table!)


The only thing this house did not have was a loft/bonus room. We wanted one to hold our homeschool stash as well as books and kid stuff. Those houses are very hard to come by and a little pricey. This house, however, does have a little nook area that will be perfect for a shelf!


Soon we will say good bye to the home that we have known for almost 4 years and “move on” to something new. Just as with any move we are excited, yet still praying. I honestly think, it will be a good move!

{update: I talked with our rental company today and was told that they owners installed hardwood flooring downstairs as per our request! What an answer to prayers!}

Updated: February 14, 2010 — 7:03 am
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