House O’ Puke

To get a feel for the evening at our house tonight, I will type out a conversation with Kenniston and I:
I was putting a blanket beside Kenniston and checking on her.

Kenniston: Mommy I puked 5 times.  I mean I mean I puked 3 times.  No, I mean I puked 2 times (all the while trying to show me 2 fingers.)

Me: I know sweetheart, I am sorry you are sick.  If you need to get throw up again just throw up on this blanket right here.

Kenniston: ok, but Mommy can I have something to cuddle with?

I went off to find a suitable teddy bear for her to cuddle with.  I look back and she had puked again, this time on the blanket.  Yup, the puke bug is flying around our house.  From person to person it waits to attack.  I waits a good 23 hours before erupting again.  It gives us that teaser that makes us think it might actually end or at least go away.  So far Jack has had it, and now Kenniston.  That is 2 down, 4 to go.  Please pray the rest of us avoid it.  Our house is far worse than ever.  I am glad we aren’t having any one over for a loooooong time.  I can’t find our laundry room floor, I haven’t showered in far too long, our bedroom has the baby spit up funk about it, and our lvining room floor has had the same 6 baby toys sitting on it for a few days. 

Updated: November 19, 2008 — 6:38 am

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