How the west won…or something like that

As per plan, we got back in Texas and began to reevaluate our next steps.  We traveled around Texas for a few months, then came back to work on our house.

And Brian searched for jobs.  Every. Single. Day.

There have been several interviews, and even some offers.  While a job offer is good, not every job is the right fit unfortunately , so the job hunt continued.

Brian got a call from a news station in Arizona.  They talked for almost two hours and requested more information.  Brian sent it and waited.  And waited.  And finally almost a month later, they called back and requested an interview.

Because this job seemed so promising (after all, they were paying for us to travel to Arizona for this interview), we decided that we were all going to go and check out the area.  And make a trip of it, it’s just what we do.


Unfortunately we left a day later than expected due to the fact I, Kelly, woke up to a high fever feeling very nauseous.  It was kind of nice though, it gave Brian and the kids an extra day to wash laundry and pack for the trip.

The following morning we woke up and headed west.  Not knowing if we’d return to Arizona to live, or if this would just be an interview trip turned exploring trip, we decided to head south-west towards El Paso, then up to the Phoenix area.  Even though we did not have the travel trailer to slow us down, the trip still took 18 hours.  We arrived late that evening and, once the hotel issues were taken care of, we finally got to bed sometime after midnight.  We spent most of our time in Phoenix with the mindset of possibly moving to the area.  Brian wanted to check out the downtown area where he would possibly work.  I wanted to check out some neighborhoods I had researched.  This was not fun for the kids.  They were troopers though and were rewarded with a trip to the hotel pool that afternoon.

IMG_1684 IMG_1689 IMG_1694


Later that evening we had the chance to visit my aunt and uncle who have lived in the Phoenix area for many years.  I have kept in contact with Steven and Kiann over the years and have enjoyed spending time with them whenever we are in the same area.  This trip to Arizona was especially neat because we had the chance to spend time with their family.  Their girls, Gressa and Delia are close in age to our own kids.


The next few days were full of interviews, so the kids and I explored more of the area by ourselves.  Kiann suggested we visit the Musical Instrument Museum, so we did.  We spent several hours studying every instrument and artist in the museum.  The kids loved it!

The wanted to stay and read about each instrument,



The listened and danced.



They experimented.



And they tried new instruments.


It was a great experience.

At the end of this day Brian had completed his final interview with the news station.  After his stressful day of interviews for Brian, and a fun day of exploring for us, we spent more time hanging out with Steve and Kiann and their family.  It was a fun way to wrap up our time in Phoenix, but both Brian and I had so much on our minds.

We went back to our hotel that night and packed up our bags, unsure if we’d return to live in the area, or just come back to visit.  We decided to head north towards the Grand Canyon the next day.  If we were this close, we figured we may as well check it out.

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