Hurry up and wait…

There is a term in the military;  Hurry up and wait.  This applies to life as well I suppose.  I feel like I am constantly telling the kids to hurry up for something, only to wait for a child (usually a small one) to do something.  I am trying hard to be patient and sometimes I am, other times I am not.

Tonight I was waiting for my break.  Also known as bedtime.  I love the kids and all, but around 9pm I get to just sit.  Ok, so maybe I sit and reply to emails, edit photos, email clients, etc, but I am sitting and the only person I have to contend with is myself.  Not tonight.  Tonight 2 children came out at the same time to go to the bathroom.  They both had to go.  Now.  One went to the children’s bathroom, while the other child, Ruby, went to our bathroom.  Ruby does not like to be alone in our bathroom and asked that I go with her.

Despite my desire to sit down and relax, I joined her.  And waited.  And waited.  For a child that had to “go” so badly, she sure took forever.  And so, as I waited, I realized how much my life is a hurry up and wait moment.

Waiting....always waiting...

Updated: August 20, 2012 — 5:40 am
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