I am a mother, hear me roar (though some nights I would rather snore)

So today is mother’s day, so I suppose I should come on here and wriite some profound statement about being the mother of four precious gifts from God.  I suppose I should speak about how much motherhood has changed my life and how I have a different outlook on life.  Maybe I should talk about the day to day dealings of life with kids, things like laundry, poop on my daughter’s church dress, or the “heigh ho the pooplinburg” song that my almost 4 year old made up today while walking around Target, or maybe how my daughter walked out of her bedroom wearing panties around her neck that belonged to a house guest a few weeks ago.  Maybe I should even mention how the above mentioned almost 4 year old likes to give me a thumbs up and tell me that I made a good choice anytime I do so, I could mention how proud I was when he also figured out on his own that a lie is a sin so we shouldn’t lie, or how I find myself saying “Kenniston I know you can hear my words, please make the right choice and listen to mommy” at least 9 times a day, perhaps I can tell you about how I say in a sing song way “are you going to smile for mommy, oh I see it coming, there it is” to one of 2 babies at least a dozen times a day in hopes of getting a little grin, or how I smiled last night after hearing the cutest giggles come out of the pack and play from a doozing baby.  Those are all great things that happen in my life as a mommy.  These thoughts aren’t the most deep ones you have probably ever heard and that is ok, they are mine, they are mommy’s and that is what counts.  To all you mommies out there, Happy Mother’s Day.  I pray that your day was filled with love and happiness from those that call you “mommy.”
Updated: May 12, 2008 — 5:37 am
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