I am in love!

Today I signed my name on a lined titled “homeowner.” It was just to verify that the young man came by to help make our house energy efficient, but wow, that was cool! We own a home. Us. We have worked hard to improve our credit for 6 years. And now during the past 4 short weeks we have worked hard to make our house the best home for our family yet.
We have installed blinds in 5 rooms, curtains in 5 rooms, created a garden from scratch, moved sod around, measure more things than I care to count, hammered numerous nails, installed ceiling fans in 2 rooms, taken down towel bars, added hooks, put together shelves, found paint colors, rearranged furniture, set up a homeschool room, and many other little things among unloading a large Penske truck and unpacked almost an entire house full of boxes.
Phew. I got tired just typing that all out. I am going to show you a small peek at some of the rooms that are almostkindamostly done. Ok, so they are getting there. For the most part. I couldn’t resist posting a few photos.

Living Room

Even though this room needs the most work, I love the way it is coming along. We are still going to paint a wall (or 2!) and put up a lot of photos.


The Girls Room

It is girlie. It is pink and purple. With tiny bits of green and blue accents. The flower pictures were made by us girls. There are three total, but I will get more photos of that once the bunk bed comes in. Hopefully that will be any day now…


The Homeschool Room

Oh the homeschool room. How I love thee. The book shelf is full, and I mean FULL of wonderful books and amazing resources. The closet holds a plastic drawer of art supplies among a desk that Vincent sits at so he can focus on his work. This room is bright and wonderful. We have lovely wall space to post neat things through out the year. Oh I love it!




Of course not all of the educational materials fit in the room. Some spill out into (and fill up) the hallway closet.


The Playroom

The playroom is magical. It is fun and it says “KIDS PLAY HERE!!” There is a kitchen, a dress up area (complete with mirror!), a train table, a rocking horse, a wall to display the kids art work, a sit and spin and bins of toys! Boy oh boy do they love this room. And so do I!



Hopefully I will find myself with more photos to post here. I really enjoy making this house our home. We are all very thankful for it and I pray that we never take it for granted!

Updated: October 14, 2010 — 4:34 am
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