I am ok

I had someone ask me if I was ok, I guess my last few posts haven’t been very cheery. Don’t worry, I am not depressed, I do leave my house and occasionally I even answer my phone. Things have just been kinda funky.

My Father In Law’s Alzheimers has sucked (as previously mentioned), I have had two friends move recently, and then as you may have heard there was a shooting at one of our favorite coffee houses. That shooting left 4 police officers dead. I have so much to say about that last thing, but I feel like I have worked hard to not dwell on those thoughts. Thoughts that vary from the good memories made at Forza with our dear friends who just moved to thoughts about all of the people that have been effected from this. While a community rose up against crime (especially any crime againts law enforcement) other families are left saddened at their friends that are not here any more. I have one friend I have been praying for. I won’t share too many details, but I will tell you that I thankful that her family stands strong in the rock of Christ. Please pray for my dear friend and her family right now, this is a hard time for them and many others like them. Let’s just call them the J family.

All that to say really I am ok. We are enjoying all of the Christmas cheer one can have…


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and everything in between:

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