I am so proud of Kenniston!

A few months ago I asked Kenniston if she wanted to run in a (non-competitive)  race with me.  The race is called the Color Run.  Cancer comes in all colors, so this race comittee decided to host a race that contributes money to all types of cancer.  During the race the runners are doused with powdery color and by the end of the race are full of colors, hence the name “color run.”

Knowing that a 5k (3.1 mile) race was a bit much for a 7 year old, I encouraged Kenniston to train with me on a regular basis.  Once a week she and I jogged and walked for approximately 2 or so miles.  We only trained for 2 miles because I knew she could last longer on the actual race day.

We trained when it was hot…

I have a great training partner for the Color Run.

and when it was cold (like you know, the next day, lol…it is Texas after all)

Yesterday it was shorts and t-shirts, today we trained in hoodies and long pants. Gotta love spring-time in Texas.

Some days we had to push through to practice our 2 miles, but most days we just chatted our way through the training.

Last night we all packed a bag and headed to Austin to stay in a hotel.  We enjoyed carb loading (pizza, yumm) and swimming in the pool.

The best part of staying in a hotel? The pool!

The best part of staying in a hotel? The pool!

We made sure to wake up early so we’d be fed and at the Travis County Fair Grounds in plenty of time, with 15,000 people racing we wanted to make sure we had a parking spot and place in line.

We are ready for the #colorrunaustin

We signed up for the race as a “team” with some friends.  Knowing we would walk/jog at different speeds, we knew we wanted to start out together and possibly separate as the race went on.


As groups started lining up we joined in the fun.  Our “wave” of runners didn’t leave until 9:15.  We left the starting line ready to go.  Kenniston jogged for a good part of the beginning.  She was so excited to get to the first color, yellow.


We were doused in yellow dyed corn starch and excitedly headed on our way with a couple hundred other people.  As we rounded the corner we noticed Brian, Vincent, Jack and Ruby cheering us on.


After parking the van, Brian helped each of the kids make a sign to cheer on Kenniston. Vincent made a sign that said “Go Kenniston go.” Ruby’s sign also said “Go Kenniston go.”  Jack’s sign said “Yey K K.”  I LOVE that they each wrote their own sign, spelling and all!  I enjoy watching them encourage each other and it was really neat to see them standing there waiting for us as we rounded the corner!

We continued to walk and jog and at some point got a little too fast for our friends, so we took off while they stayed behind a bit.  This run was not timed and it wasn’t really a “race.”  It was more of a fun run.  Everyone was having a really good time.  During the run as we jogged towards other people they held their hands out to give high fives.  Kenniston really enjoyed giving high fives and encouraging people as they jogged by.


At the same time she also enjoyed the encouraging words and congrats she received from people who noticed her “my 1st 5k” shirt.  She beamed from ear to ear anytime someone told her how awesome she was doing.

There were fun signs at each color station.  This one was especially awesome, it went well with our tutus!


The run itself was at the Travis County Expo Center, the same place I participated in the Danskin Triathlon 11 years ago.  The course was on the road and on a trail.  It was mostly flat, but there were times we went uphill then downhill.  It was nice to see another color station at the top of a hill though.

Girlfriend gettin' some color. #colorrunaustin

During the last mile I could tell that she was getting tired and we were both losing our momentum.  All of a sudden we rounded a corner and I could tell the finish line was less than a hundred yards away.  Kenniston decided it was a good idea to jog again, just like that, she was off….

I am SO proud of my Kenniston. She did so well today. This was her 1st 5k and I hope it wasn't her last!


Together we crossed the finish line.

She completed her 1st 5k

We made it!! #colorrunaustin I am SO proud of her!!!

And this crew was waiting for us at the finish line.


It was messy (yes, that is my head full of powder!!!)

This is my hair.
But it was fun!

#colorrunaustin so.much.fun.

And I can’t wait to do it again!  Brian is already talking about doing it as a family next year!

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