I did not…

I did not give the kids banana splits for dinner on Saturday night

I did not teach the kids how to load and unload the dishes from the dishwasher

I did let the kids eat Monkey Mix for breakfast this morning

I did not let Kenniston run neeeekid as a jay bird in the yard with her friends after art group today

I did not put the twins in all disposable diapers the entire first week Brian was in Germany

I did not let the kids go 2 nights in a row with out a bath

Nor did I let the twins go 2 night with out a bath

I did not teach Vincnet how to sweep the kitchen floor

I did not let the big kids room go with out a cleaning the last 2 nights

I did not ignore the phone tonight so I could have a mental break

I did not forget to put the trash and recycle cans on the curb last night

or did I???

Updated: September 16, 2008 — 5:10 am
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