I need to catch up…

As one could expect, we have been busy.

painting walls

adding crown moulding

adding a tile backsplash

packing toys

packing outgrown clothes

packing school books

packing furniture

packing dishes

having a yard sale

pulling weekds

working on the landscaping

cleaning the front door

calling storage facilities

calling to order sod

calling the dentist

calling the doctor

calling the lawyer

going to physical therapy

working on co-op stuff

educating our kiddos

hosting a small group

Somewhere in between the preparing to sell our house madness, the twins had a birthday and we began to prepare for the Frozen themed party they will share with Kenniston who is also about to have a birthday. We won’t mention my upcoming 29th (again, ahem) birthday.

We are still praying about our future. Brian has come across several wonderful looking ideas for jobs, but we are still considering the idea of a trip. We want to explore. We want to travel. Most importantly, we want to serve while we do so. If God calls us to do so this fall/winter, then we will do so. If not, we will find ways to serve where ever he sends us. We love the idea of this trip, but we aren’t so stuck in it that we can only see the “worldly” aspects of it. We want to be aware that God has a plan and he will guide us to that plan. We feel lead to do certain things (like sell the house), so we are going forward with those plans. Other plans, however, we are in a hurry up and wait kind of situation. Our minds, however, are pulled to other thoughts. Once again we are asking for prayers over some other situations. We don’t want to be vague, but it’s not safe to share all the details right now. Please just pray for guidance and peace in the outcome of situations.

I hope to come back and add photos and update y’all on more specifics of the past few weeks, but I have a lot going on these next few weeks…

photo sessions

sod to lay

grass to mow

cabinets to paint

rooms to clean

birthday cake to consume

parties to plan


Mother-In-Love to visit with

meeting to attend

last day of co-op


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