I want to keep up

but some days I don’t know what to post about. It seems like every day some new things happen, but where do I start? Do I mention how the twins now are understanding and doing SO much? This toddler stage is such a huge leap in development. Not only does it mean they learn and apply said learning in their everyday moves, it also means they are IN TO so much now days as well. The dresser drawers are constantly emptied, usually by Ruby. The kids kitchen cabinet is usually raided, usually by Jack. Even though I encourage balls to be thrown instead of blocks, books or oh I don’t know metal Hot Wheels cars, things fly through the air constantly. The guilty party, Jack. I could tell you about the loving big sister who likes to hug and pretend (no insist) that Ruby is her daughter. And because Ruby is her daughter she has to hold and carry Ruby around the house to various activities that Ruby may or may not be interested in. Yeah that’s right, Ruby has a mind of her own and she likes to tell you. And if you take a toy from her she will scream out “back, mine, pleaaaaaaase” sometimes she says please on the end, not always.

Both twins are using 2 and 3 word sentences. I don’t remember exactly when this started happening a month ago maybe. Gosh, how horrible is that? They also say a ton of words. They will repeat almost any word I want them to, but their daily vocabulary is more around 100 or so. Jack has some words that crack me up. He can and has said “balloon” more than a few times. However, when he is really excited and sees a balloon he says “lathulathulahtualthu” it.cracks.me.up. He does the same thing for the word football. He can say it, clear as day. Speaking of football, sometime last week he started to um sleep with a football. As an additional lovey. Yes this child loves balls. Ruby on the other hand has become more of a loving mommy type. To say she loves babies is an understatement. If she sees an infant carseat she goes crazy yelling “BABY BABY!” while moving her body so she can be as close to the baby as possible. She does the same thing if she sees a photo of a baby.

The big kids have grown a bit as well. Kenniston is currently driving me crazy. Why you ask… She is going through a growth spurt again! She seemed to be in 24 months/2T for a long time, well over a year. All of a sudden they were tight on her waist, so we moved up to the 3Ts. Now some of her 3T jeans (the ones I JUST bought for her) are seeming to just barely fit her! I think that girl needs to go straight to a 4T!!! It also seems some of her shirts are short as well. And shoes, oh the shoes. My Mamaw bought the kids a nice supply of Crocs while we visited her in Texas. Kenniston had several cute pair, but started complaining that they were too small. I thought she had them on the wrong feet which she normally does, however when I looked down I noticed that they were on the correct feet AND HER TOES WERE POPPING THROUGH! Every single pair of those adorable Crocs are now too small. When I measured her feet I found that she skipped size and went from size 8 directly to size 10. Talk about a growth spurt!

Vincent thankfully is at a slow and steady growth rate. However cognitively he is blowing me away! He is doing GREAT at school. He comprehends math concepts quickly and practices them during his play and teaches them to Kenniston. It is so fun to watch him get things.

Lately we have been working on listening skills, being helpful and having a good attitude in all we do. I feel like I constantly repeat myself all…day….long! I have gone back to a sticker type reward chart (aka positive reinforcement) in hopes of putting a more positive spin on it. You know, something rather than “either listen to me or you will have privilege XYZ taken away.”

Oh, I should also mention that we have been hanging around a few more friends lately. We met another family with 4 kids all around our kids age and already have plans to do an art class on Monday. This last week we had a playdate with another family with 4 kids. I have known them for a while, but just this week we got to spend time hanging out with them at their neat house on the lake. As we drove off Vincent said “Mommy I very liked going to play at their house.” I did too Vincent, I did too.

Updated: October 11, 2009 — 6:22 am
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