I’d like you to meet someone.

Mr. Coundry

For the past few weeks Vincent’s costume of choice has changed a dozen or so times. For a while it was Superman, then it was Batman, Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, an alien (using our kitchen colander for a hat), etc etc. I did not buy a costume just because I knew it would change again. So today just about half an hour before we had to head out to the Harvest Festival we planned on attending I asked Vincent what he wanted to be for Halloween. He thought about it for a while so I suggested a super hero, his original alien idea, or a cowboy (all of which he had costumes for ) he threw out a new idea. “I know Mommy” he said. “I want to be an office man.” That threw me for a loop. He ran to his room and picked up his tie, the one I made him for for his sisters birthday tea party in April.

So from that one simple tie, he has created an imagine in his head of business men (or office men) that wear ties and button down shirts. And today, he wanted to dress as one for Halloween. Um ok. So dress as an office man he did. He wore the tie, some glasses (I found some old scratched sunglsses of mine and knocked the lenses out), a button down shirt with khaki pants and a Palm Piolot in the pocket (because you know, we don’t own a blackberry phone or anything). When we headed to the van he mentioned to me that his name was “Coundry.” Coundry, that works. So folks, there you have it, Coundry the office man.

This child, on the other hand, knew exactly what she wanted to be from the get go…pretty much. At first she said she wanted to be Supergirl. Though I am pretty sure it was only because her big brother wanted to be Superman. After he changed his mind the first time she was sure she would be Cinderella. And that is what she stuck with from there on out.

She even let me do her hair.

Not that it took much to transform her beautiful curly locks into a Cinderella type do.

And what would a princess be with out pretty painted nails. And I promise I did not paint them so she would stop biting them.

This handsome little toddler boy was a bee so he could “match” his little twin sister who was a…

sweet little ladybug.
Though I have to admit, it was a little strange seeing her wear the same costume that big sister wore just two years ago.
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