I’m keeping it real here

Just in case anyone thought we loved every moment of travel trailer life, I am here to dispel that myth.  Today a few of us have tummy issues.  Apparently there is something going around our town, we are one family of a few that I know of with said issues.

It is hard to be sick in a small area.  It is hard when the room I am trying to rest in is just feet away from where my non-sick kids are playing.  Despite their efforts to play quietly, it is still noise.  Noise that makes my head ache.  Noise that adds to the chaos in a small living space.  Not only does their play add noise, it adds movement.


Here are a few things I keep telling myself:

1. This is just a short lived stomach bug, in other words, just a day or two of discomfort.

2. There is no need to move out of the trailer for this silly reason.

3. We each have a comfortable bed to sleep in, air conditioning, and a toilet.  The latter has proved to be the most important today.  

*ahem* sorry, TMI


So tonight as a few of us recover from this tummy bug, I will enjoy my nice comfy couch while the kids eat dinner in front of a movie.  This scene is identical to sick days in our “sticks and bricks” house, it’s just smaller.  This scene allows Brian and I to rest and recover in this small space.

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Updated: August 18, 2014 — 8:11 pm
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