Pronunciation: in-ˈte-grə-tē
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English integrite, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French integrité, from Latin integritat-, integritas, from integr-, integer entire
Date: 14th century
1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility

synonyms see honesty

{photo courtesy of my sweet friend Rebecca Tyler, since I have left my camera at home more times lately than not}

Today we hung out at the *brand new* splash pad on Fort Lewis. We met up with some friends and had a great time. At one point I noticed a Mickey Mouse towel in front of our bench so I picked it up and threw it on our bench then went about playing with the kiddos. A while later Brian joined us and ate lunch then hung out with the kids as well.

I took a few kids to the bathroom and came back to Brian with a confused look on his face. A lady had come by questioning a towel on our bench…the one I had thrown on there. I picked it up and started to explain that it was one that we had purchased at Disneyland, but then realized that it said Disney World . Ops. I walked the towel over to the lady and began to apologize when Vincent came up to me and said “Mommy Mommy, it was my mistake! I thought it was our towel so I brought over to our bench. I am sorry.”

Woah. It blew my mind. Vincent, our not-so-fond-of-adult-strangers child came over to us to apologize and admit his mistake! I could not stop thanking him for his choice to come over to me and admit his mistake. It takes a big person to do so. If city/state/country leaders had done so, we wouldn’t have half as many problems as we do now. If big company leaders had done so, 11 people might still be alive. Hundreds of thousands of animals might not be covered in oil. My favorite childhood beaches might not be in danger of being ruined.

It is my prayer that Vincent, as well as our other children, continue to learn what it means to be a man (or woman) of integrity. I am so proud to be their mother.

Updated: June 25, 2010 — 5:46 am

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