It bears repeating

I am slightly conflicted in this. I am sad that he died and is now in hell. To know that a person has gone to hell is a hard pill to swallow. I, however, am rejoicing in the fact that satan can no longer cause harm through this person. That my friends, is a good thing.


I can’t lie, when I saw this crowd standing in front of the White House loudly singing “and the rockets red glare…” I had the chills. Something came over me as I realized the victory this afforded our country. I have been teaching the kids about the birth of our nation during the last few months. I too have been learning. I knew most of the facts, but I never really took them in and thought about what an amazing concept it is. We have such a strong country. It was founded on freedom. Freedom that we so take for granted. I don’t understand how we can take that freedom for granted. I don’t understand how other people in other countries don’t fight for it. I will save that for another post though.

Anyway, tonight, I found myself especially proud in our strength as a nation and it is my hope and prayer that our countries starts growing together again. I am also praying for our troops as I know that the fight doesn’t stop here. It just gets worse. Another thing I am praying for is the people that have lived under the tyranny of awful leaders. The more I learn about the circumstances these people are born into, the more I am angered and sickened. Would you please pray as well?

Updated: May 2, 2011 — 6:58 am
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