It feels like we just had this post but….

Good Friday, yes indeed, it will be a Good Friday, a *really* Good Friday :-)


Oh happy day!!!

Sword fights are back…

In McGovernville once again. #lightsaberwars

We spent Easter together…

Happy #Easter from McGovernville.

Worked on some home projects…

We are finally using a gift card we got for Christmas. #betterlatethannever

celebrated my 29th birthday…

They sang to me and brought me ice cream at #Chuys My family is good to me.

laughed at the mistakes that Walmart employees make…

The most grammatically incorrect (and funniest) cake goes to....Walmart!  What a funny way to end the night!

spent time with friends….

Friends that didn't get a text turns into an impromptu night of fun!!

spent quality time at Starbucks waiting on minor van repairs…

Oil change day. #Starbucks #CharlottesWeb

oh yeah, and he planned a surprise birthday get away for me!!!  (it was so much fun)

This is our view for the next few days. Brian, honey, you did an AWESOME job. :-)

Just like old times (except we have 4 extra people). #boilingpotrockport

Flying a kite. At the beach. Love.

Jack rocked the boogie board.

2 of my favorite husband and the beach.

Ruby is my curly, bright-eyed girlie.

My husband is so silly (and sweet), and I love him. #boilingpot

Celebrated the birthday of Kenniston, Jack, and Ruby.

Party for three...coming up. {it's super!}

Brian is getting ready for the party. He does look super ;-)

I think that is all.  Yeah, we have just been a little busy.

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