It happened in October…

This my friends is called a catch up post.

Life has happened.
We were busy.
I wanted to remember.
So I took a picture.

The End.

Ruby Adeline. Future #babywearer

Miss Kenniston, another #babywearer

Sunshine is waiting for the boys to get out of the bath. I swear he was smiling while he waited. #sillycat

Jack brought me flowers.

Flowers from my Jackers.

Learning to write Chinese calligraphy.

Calligraphy in China. #SOTW #storyoftheworld #homeschoolrocks

Pumpking painting during our field trip.

#Pumpkin painting

and a hayride…

#hayride #pumpkinpatch

then we ate pie…

Pie as big as your head. Oh yes we will! #bluebonnetcafe #marblefallstx

Ruby VS. the pie

I wanted a picture by the funky bus.


cutting box tops.  lots of them.

Cutting, counting, and sorting Box Tops constitutes as school work, right?


This cat probably claims Jack as his owner. I swear Jack is his favorite.

chicken feathers.

Checking out #chickenfeathers. #science

Miss Ruby walked in and said “look at my glow up sock. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but it is really just my flash light in my sock.”

Miss Ruby walked in and said

Jack: I love you Ruby.                
Ruby: Thank you Jack.  
Jack: No, not just your hair Ruby, I love all of you.    
Ruby: oh, I love you too Jack.

Jack: I love you Ruby.                 Ruby: Thank you Jack.    Jack: No, not just your hair Ruby, I love all of you.      Ruby: oh, I love you too Jack.

Nutcracker practice.  A lot.of.Nutcracker.practice.

Nutcracker practice.

Uno with my boys.
(Jack won)

Uno & Starbucks with boys. #someofmyfavoritethings

Vincent wanted to make pudding.  All by himself.

We are now out of milk. My kids made pudding. All by themselves (they asked first). They lost count when they were adding the THREE cups if milk. It's only milk, right...

Vincent taught Jack how to play basketball.

Vincent teaching Jack how to shoot hoops and Jack making it IN the hoop!

Vincent wanted a chess set, so he made one out of paper.

Our son wants a #Chess set, so he cut out pieces of paper and wrote the names of the Chess pieces on the paper and was going to play with them. {the kid needs a Chess set!!}

A dam, just like Paddle to the Sea.

The kids are proud of their beaver dam! #paddletothesea

Vincent saved up to buy his Cub Scout shirt.
He was awfully proud of himself.

Vincent, excited about his purchase, a Cub Scout shirt!

pirate kitty

What arrrrr you lookin' at? #pirate #kitty

Ruby flash-dancer

I can't help but to sing

Kenniston took this picture, it sums up life nicely!

Kenniston took this awesome real life photo of me. I love it!!

“Mommy, look, I can jump over Elmo!”

Look mommy, I can jump over Elmo.

Forts and Where’s Waldo

We are all ready for our #livingroomcampout

Where's #waldo.

A trip to the museum.

to do a dig….

Ruby very meticulously uncovering artifacts.

and toss an adladle

Kenniston and a spear. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

…and hang out.

Hangin' out with some of the coolest kids. #lifeisgood

hanging out with our buddies.

Kenniston and her buddy, Madeline, playing dolls.

and taking care of our Cub Scout uniform.

Ironing his uniform. #cubscouts

reading the cereal box at breakfast…

Ruby reading the cereal box at breakfast. #shelovestoread

and reading at ballet….

Vampirina Ballerina. #ballet

That my friends is October.  or most of it…

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