It just looks like C-H-A-O-S

but it’s not.


1.Kenniston wearing her favorite fuzzy snowmen pajamas. Passed down from friends of ours, they are super cute AND Ruby even has a matching pair.

2. “Sid” the stool sometimes lives in our kitchen. He is great for letting the kids help me cook. I was told recently that he lost his voice (he is a talking stool, however he ran out of batteries).

3. Vincent sporting his favorite hat as of recently, his Jr Longhorn hat. He loves it and wears it almost daily.

4. Even the youngest of our clan like to help out. Ruby was helping put silverwear away today!

5. This crazy boy has had some crazy hair until just recently. I have been styling his hair regularly and it is so soft, curly and touchable.

6. The soft curls didn’t stop him from helping out as well. He was right up there with his big (and littler) siblings helping to put away spoons.

7. We can’t seem to part with this dress. It was Kenniston’s and is now Ruby’s. Ruby will wear this 12 month dress for this season and then we will part with it.

8. Ruby ran over when she heard that help was needed, shoe in hand. Shoe was then dropped and a spoon grabbed to be put away.

9. Jack was wearing one of his sister’s shoes. One Ruby Red Croc on his right foot, nothing on his left.

See, it all, somehow, makes sense. Perfect sense, to me.

Updated: November 8, 2009 — 7:55 am

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