It snowed here! In Texas…

Today the twins and I stayed home from church. We have been lounging around in our pjs, trying to recover from the congestion and ickiness. I noticed that there was a “winter warning” in our area, but really didn’t think much of it…until the weather stations started reporting that we might get snow.

Brian and the older kids got home (he brought me a Starbucks drink, how sweet) and we all hung out for a while. My friends in Austin started to post Facebook status updates about snow. I got excited and told the kids to get prepared for snow. We all scrambled to find coats, mittens, and hats. By the time we got outside, it had started to fall more frequently.

We spent the next hour or so playing outside in the falling snow. It didn’t really stick, but it was fun to catch and run in it.

Vincent’s idea of snow day fun:

Snow day. Vincent.


Snow day. Kenniston.

Me and the good lookin’ hubby:

Ruby was a little excited:

SNOW!!! #texas #rare

Yes, Jack is um licking our van to get the snow…

It was getting a bit cold and we were getting a bit wet…so it was time to come in:

and have some hot cocoa and left over popcorn from our trip to Cornucopia:

Even though the snow doesn’t compare to the amount we received last year, I had to do another corner shot of our house:

Our house. Through the seasons.

Updated: February 12, 2012 — 10:40 pm
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