It SNOWED here!!

If you are a) from the north or b) going to insult us Texans because we “don’t know anything about cold weather,” then I ask that you walk away now and find another blog post to read about. In Texas it does not snow much. At least once a year an ice or sleet storm will pass through leaving our area covered in a layer of ice. Because of our lack of snowy weather, our state is not always equipped to prepare for said weather. In other words, unlike most northern states, we don’t salt or sand our roads. During the once (sometimes twice) a year ice, sleet, or snow storms the streets will ice over causing what is commonly known as “black ice.” This catches drivers by surprise and unfortunately leads to accidents. The laws of physics haven’t changed, so I know ice makes for a very slippery mess, especially when it comes to rubber meeting ice (aka tires and black ice).

I say all this because I always see numerous comments from people who live in other states that do get a lot of snow and ice. I am just a person who is excited to partake in winter fun. I love that my kids get a taste of snow tubing, snowman building, and snow ball fights! I am well aware that it snows more in other states. I lived in Northern New York for 3 years, I KNOW SNOW people!

Ahem….taking a deep breath and coming back to the subject. Snow. It snowed here in our neck of the woods and we had the pleasure of playing in it.

It started Thursday while we were at a friend’s house. We planned to leave early, but ended up chatting until we looked out the window to find it covered in ice. Oops. I quickly wrangled up the kids to head home and avoid the soon to ice over roads. In the 1 mile drive home, our windows iced over. It was coming down quickly. The news reported the possibility of snow, but after getting our hopes up last year, we didn’t get too excited…

Just a few hours later, as I was making dinner, however, I looked up to see snowflakes rapidly falling from the sky. I may have started yelling “SNOW, SNOW, REAL snow is falling!!” The kids ran out, eager to play!


Snowballs had to be made…and thrown.



It was difficult for me to join in the fun, I was constantly worried about keeping upright. Traipsing around the snow in crutches isn’t exactly the best idea…but I made it work.


After dinner the boys decided to go snow tubing on the driveway across the street (nobody lives there currently). It was almost 9pm, but I didn’t care. It’s not often we get to go snow tubing around here! I wasn’t the only parent with that thought, we heard squeals of other kids ringing through out our neighborhood! It was kind of neat.


The next morning we were very pleased to see that the weather had stayed below freezing and the snow had stuck around. Before eating breakfast, the boys headed out to snow tube AGAIN!


After Brian’s homemade pancakes, the girls joined in the fun too!


Kenniston, excited to join in the fun, came outside in her jammies!! I had to send her back in for some appropriate clothes! Once she came out again she was prepared for some snow ball fights…




We played for a few hours, then went inside as the snow began to melt on the driveway. After warming up with hot cocoa, we headed to the backyard to make a snowman before the majority of the snow melted.


As we drove around town later that day I enjoyed seeing the piles of snow still laying around town. I remember seeing those piles when we lived up north. They usually lasted for weeks (often months) on end, but we are fortunate enough, here in Texas, to only have them for a few days.

Today I am thankful for the rare chance to play in the snow here at home.

Updated: January 25, 2014 — 11:10 pm

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