It’s all in the details…kinda

So we announced our (ahem, and hopefully God’s) plans for the end of next year.  We can’t emphasize enough that we will only do this if we continue to see that God is guiding us to this trip.  We can make plans all we want, but unless his hand is in it, we won’t do it (I may have a past issue with trying to control things…but I digress…).

Brian’s last official day in the Army is mid-December.  He has enough vacation/leave days saved up to get out of the Army in November.  If this trip is to happen, we will probably leave sometime between mid-November and February.  We are not exactly sure how long our trip will last, but we’d like to travel for about 3 months.  We would like to travel in a circle and see states coast to coast.  The kids have all shared their destination spots and we have added them to our bucket list.  We too have added our own.  We have several friends all over the country, so we’d like to see them as well.


The other details…we have to sell our house and buy a new vehicle.  Both of these are going to happen, even if we don’t go on this big trip.

The house will go on the market in April.  The new vehicle will be purchased by the fall/winter.

Updated: January 4, 2014 — 11:13 am

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