It’s been 4 weeks

Four, yes FOUR weeks ago I made that awful, horrible, wrong step that has landed me in an aircast. About every 3rd day or so I have a dream about my foot. It sounds so ridiculous, but it’s true. Last night I dreamt I was in a movie and I didn’t want them to know that I had a hurt foot. I was trying to hide my aircast. Part of the movie meant doing some ballet type moves, so I was taking a ballet class at the girls’ old dance studio. I did not want them to know that I was injured, so I was faking my pain as I plied and stretched.

How ridiculous. I won’t lie though, some days I just want to get up and walk. That sounds dumb, every day I want to get up and walk, but there are some moments where I think I should just get up and walk, as if though it were mind over matter. As if all this bruising and swelling were simply not there and if I just thought hard enough (or ignored the visual of my foot in it’s deformity), I could get up and walk. That thought lasts for about half a second before I get up and reach for my knee scooter.

Or kindly ask a child or Brian to retrieve the desired item.

There has been some *good* news though! Today as I did physical therapy I noticed a tiny indentation that indicates my ankle bone is still there! You can almost start to see it through the swelling! There is a 1/4 inch area on my ankle where the swelling has gone down enough to see a crease near the bone. It isn’t much, and I still have a little ways to go, but it is that little bit of light that I needed to keep going.


I will continue to do my theraband exercises. I will continue to do my 20 count ankle circles twice a day. I will pump the imaginary gas pedal until my fuel tank runs out. And I will stroll around to make sure those glutes are ready for movin’ because baby, when I get the go ahead, I am going to GO again!!!


Updated: January 30, 2014 — 12:07 am
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