It’s been a while, but….

I have been a busy mommy! Brian has been working a lot and will be for a while, so I am doing a lot more work than ever. Brian created a new way of putting pictures on the web, but the new program isn’t very easy to use and with out his help I don’t think I will be able to post picture using it. I had one goal tonight and that was to post pictures & updates of the kiddos, so here goes (well here goes for Kenniston anyway!)
Kenniston is doing great! She is such a happy baby. While she does occasionally fuss when tired, she almost never out right cries. Her face lights up when I am near. She also loves when her big brother Vincent comes around to play with her. She is growing like a weed too! She is currently wearing 3-6 & 6-9 month clothing. She started rolling several weeks ago, but she doesn’t do it too often. She picks bad times to roll, like when I have her laying on the couch to take pictures or do a little tummy time. I like to put her up there so Vincent doesn’t trample all over her. He is a great big brother, however being that he is only 2 years old he doesn’t understand that his little sister doesn’t like having toys shoved in her face or cars rolling all over her. They love each other despite their minor differences. Right now Kenniston loves babbling to us. She coos and ahhhs over anything. She also loves to laugh at random times. Because of her very strong thighs I have been calling her “Princess Wonder Thighs.” Well the other day I was calling her that and she let out a huge belly laugh. She still chuckles a bit when I call her that name. She is such a funny girl! She also loves when I read to her. Lately she has liked the book “Silly Sally.” I think she likes when Daddy reads to her because she always turns her head when she hears him reading. She is getting much better at naps. She will usually be awake for about an 1 1/2 hours and then she is ready for a nap. We are still swaddling her and it doesn’t take much from there to get her to sleep. She takes a pacifier, but spits it out shortly after falling asleep. She has gotten to a point now to where she will even sleep in the car!!! That is a big deal seeing how just a few weeks ago she was screaming anytime we so much as put her in the car seat.

Updated: August 8, 2006 — 2:47 am
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