it’s been almost 9 years…

9 years ago I was a nanny and Brian was working for William Sonoma as he waited to go to Basic Training for the Army. We were a two income family and I might have been somewhat of a cell phone snob. I was in college and nannying while living with my grandparents so we wouldn’t have to sign another lease on our apartment. I didn’t want to tie up my grandparents phone line as I lived there, so I got a spiffy cell phone.

It was a Motorola GSRM phone and back then, it was pretty much top of the line. I loved it, for the whole month I was able to use it. When I purchased the phone I told the sales person that I was moving to NY the following month because my husband would be stationed there. I wanted to make sure that my spiffy new phone had adequate service there so I could actually, you know, use it. She assured me that it would work and my contract would be fine once we got there. She lied.

Just a few weeks later as we drove from Texas to Nowhere (ahem, Lowville) New York I learned that good, usable service was far and few between. It was non-existent in Lowville New York. In fact, it barely worked in most of the state.

Living in the middle of nowhere NY changed me in a lot of ways (that is another story for another day though….), I went with a pre-paid cell phone plan and have chosen to have whatever cell phones were available to the provider that we found in the area.

Fast forward almost 9 years to today. I have been ogling the iPhone since it came out almost 4 years ago. I thought they were cool, but could not ever justify the purchase of the phone or the need for the regular cell phone bill (iPhones are not available on prepaid plans).

Times have changed and my needs for a phone have changed. With 4 kids in a variety of activities (AWANA, gymnastics, ballet, co-op, church, etc) my calendar is always full of plans. Not only that, we are on the go many days of the week. The desire for a real cell phone plan was nagging at me. The desire for a multi functioning cell phone (smart phone as they call them) was there…

When I mentioned this to a girl friend of mine, she said with out hesitation “you know I could add you to my cell phone plan and it would only be $10 a month.” I was sold. After talking to Brian (who quickly said yes) I got my iPhone!


I love love love my new phone!! I can talk to Siri a lot, as does Brian. We ask her silly questions and she responds. Quite amusing I tell ya. I can ask her to make reminders for me and she does. She also calls people for me and emails them as well. I will you spare you the rest of my boring phone love. For now.

Updated: January 16, 2012 — 3:07 am
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