It’s been hard

This week has been hard.  A certain little boy is having a very hard time with all of the adjustments and changes.  My loving kind high spirited little boy has been angry, controling and yet sweet.  When I broke down crying this morning he huggged me hard and didn’t let go.  When he asked why I was crying I replied “you just don’t listen to me and it makes me so sad.”  I know he felt bad.  I felt bad.  We all felt crummy.  The others seem to have adjusted fairly well.  He has not and it is hard.  Very hard.  Saturday we went to Emily’s wedding.  Emily is Brian’s cousin.  She was a beautiful bride and they had a fabulous wedding.  The children minded well during the ceremony, but afterwards it just went downhill – fast.  I felt like the stress from the last few months just welled up and we all lost it.  My little boy was growling, yes GROWLING in frustration.  I was yelling (yeah, you read that right) and crying.  At the reception the twins were throwing things.  So weird.  I love being near Brain’s family and giving the kids family time with them, but after this looooong trip I am exhausted.  I am done.  The kids are done.  I want to be home again.  Most of all, I want my awesome amazing super husband to be with us.  At home or across the US, I want him with us.
Please pray for loads of patience, comfort and safety during the rest of this trip.  Oh yeah and grace, lots of it.

I do have a very thankful post coming up…it has been a work in progress..I have many family and friends that I am so very thankful for and I don’t want to forget anyone.  For now, I just had to get out what was building.

Updated: May 24, 2009 — 5:05 pm
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