It’s so hard to keep a secret

When we started planning this big service trip we decided to visit the east coast first.  We figured the weather will be decent enough to travel along the coast line with out fear of snow storms.  And, because the weather is fabulous and our friends live there, we decided Florida would be a great place to visit.

However, we can’t visit Florida with out stopping by the Happiest Place on Earth, can we?  Nope.

Before we started making plans for that portion of the trip, we decided to make it a surprise for the kids.  I did not realize how hard it would be to keep it a secret from the kids.  Y’all, it is REALLY hard!!  I have been reading blogs, scouring the web, and researching all of the super cool things Walt Disney World has to offer.  Many of the tips and tricks I already knew, but many were also new to me.

I bought this year’s edition of the The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World With Kids, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this book.  We bought it when we went on our honeymoon and again when we visited Disneyland 4 years ago.  It helped us save time and money on our trip.  If you are considering a trip in the future, BUY IT!

One of the tips I read on a blog pertained to autograph books.  If you don’t already know, the many characters from Disney movies traipse through the park as kids flock to meet them and collect their autographs.  The parks sell these nifty little books for autographs (at a hefty price), or you can bring your own.  One blogger suggested this book. It is an entire book of information about all of the Disney characters.  Being a Walt Disney geek, I found this especially interesting.

During a recent trip to Half Price Books I found 2 copies of the book.  The only problem was, my kids were with me, and they noticed the books.  I told a little white lie and said they were for a friend (sorry Launa).  On the way home, they all took turns reading page after page, all unaware that these books were actually for them.  Unaware that we are currently planning one heck of an awesome ending to the east coast portion of our big trip.  Ahhh, I am so excited to share this with them, but I have to wait.



Updated: June 29, 2014 — 9:20 pm
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