Jack is growing up.  Sometimes it is hard to see how the kids are growing, but then a day will come and I see how much they have grown.

Today I tried something new to help Jack develop his fine motor skills (not something he excels at just yet).  I put sand in a container and gave him letters to trace in the sand.  He really enjoyed the activity and was really enthusiastic to do the activity!!  Since he first tried this activity his handwriting has improved!

Practicing J-A-C-K

Another area I have noticed growth is in patience.  Every time we go to the grocery store Jack ohhs and ahhs over the toys at the check out.  He always asks to purchase one.  Each and every time he asks, my answer is the same “if you’d like to have one of those toys, you can save up your allowance money.”  He has started to save his money and today when we went to Target, Jack finally had the $4 to buy the Lego set he had ogled every time we walked by the cashier stand!  He walked out of that store proud!


Updated: June 21, 2012 — 4:24 am
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