Jack likes prove me wrong.

All today I have been telling people that Ruby is like the Romba vacuum cleaner, you know the one that rolls around the house from wall to wall vacuuming all along the way.   Anyway, Ruby likes to roll everywhere.  If she rolls into a pillow, couch or other obstical she will roll the other way.  I have also been telling people that Jack is quite the opposite, he can and has rolled over, but just likes to hang out in one spot.  So I was on the phone talking to my Mamaw telling her this and what does Jack start doing?  Rolling around non-stop.  It was like he heard me talking about him and he decided to prove me wrong. 

Yesterday we went to a really cool Military Appreciation Fun Day, but I will have to elaborate about it later, we are late for our small group (Bible study).

Updated: August 25, 2008 — 1:06 am

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