JOY goals 2012

This year we decided to make goals for ourselves once again. This year we have gone with a theme “JOY” JOY is an acronym for J: Jesus O: Others Y: Yourself The first goal is something that helps us grow closer to Jesus, the second is something that will help others and the last thing is something that will help ourselves, something like learning a new skill or something along the lines of that.

Here are Vincent’s JOY goals for this year:


Vincent is at a great age for goal making. He thinks about what he wants to do and through out the year when I bring it up I know it will be in his head. When we first discussed our goals I was a little confused about his first goal, his goal for Jesus.

I asked him specifically how he wanted to spy for God. He told me that he wanted to spy to find people who were not making good choices (bad guys specifically) and then teach them about Jesus so they would make good choices. I love that he has a heart for ministry at such a young age!

Updated: January 11, 2012 — 4:49 am
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