Kenniston just keeps growing

Well our dear little Princess Wonder Thighs is quite the silly little girl. She has been rolling for a while now, however she only does it on high places. She will roll over on the changing table, in her crib and on our bed. However, she will not roll over on the floor. I take that back, she will get to her side and stop then fuss. I have no idea why this is. She loves tummy time and I often put her on her tummy so she is content, so I guess this is partially my mistake.
She is such a tall girl. I haven’t taken her in yet for her 4 month check up, but seeing how she has outgrown almost every 3-6 month and 6 month outfit, I am assuming she is high up on the charts in height. Her head is still fairly small, but she takes after her Daddy in that area so I am not worried. I still have not started solid food for her yet and don’t plan to do so until October or later. She is doing fine on breast milk so I am not in any hurry.
Her hair is starting to grow back and is very light brown or possibly even blonde. She is starting to sit up on her own and can do so for around 20 or so seconds at a time. She does great until she starts to grab for something or gets really excited (usually over her big brother) then she tumbles over.
She understands the sign for milk and starts to go for milk as soon as I sign it, so that is pretty exciting. I have already started “more” and usually do so while playing with her. She seems to be getting it as well. Hopefully within the next month or so she will start doing these signs back to me.
She loves talking to me and often tries to catch my attention by jabbering to me. Her attention span is growing and will sometimes watch my mouth as I speak. We read a lot more now days, and I hope she enjoys to read as much as we do.
She is completely unswaddled at night now and continues to do wonderfully. She loves to cuddle with her blanky, however doesn’t really take a pacifier. Sometimes when she just wants to suck for the comfort measure she will take a pacifier, however she never really just needs it to sleep. She certainly loves to cuddle up next to me when sleeping. I still rock her to sleep, as lately she seems to need that more than ever. I am ok with that though, I realize that they are only this little for a while.

Updated: September 13, 2006 — 1:42 am
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