Kenniston Knievel

I swear this girl gives me more gray hairs than her big brother some days. 

Today we went swimming with Aunt Mandy.  Some of you may recognize her, she was the super helpful friend in the delivery room of the twins, her super helpfullness goes where ever she does.  So we took all 4 kids to the swimming pool on post.  Fortunately they have a great little kiddie pool that is absolutely perfect for the kids.  We got there and put the big kids in their floaties (which we always do now days) and lathered up in sun screen and let them go in the kiddie pool just a few feet from our table.  The water was no more than a foot deep so we were confident it was ok for them to go in with out us while we got the babies prepared.
As I was getting Jack ready to swim I saw Kenniston out of the corner of my eye underwater waving her arms.  I left Jack in the carseat and ran to get Kenniston.  She jetted out of the water (on her own) and had a HUGE grin on her face.  She said “That was funny Mommy!”  Oh my goodness I wanted to scream!  I was shaking because I was so nervous by that point.  I could not believe that she had gone under on purpose!  As I observed her a few minutes later, I noticed she would flip backwards (which was hard to do in her floaties, but there was no way I was taking them off).  and then roll in the water. 
Knowing she was not in harm of drowning, I figured I might as well at least teach her how to blow bubbles under water so she doesn’t accidently inhale a bunch of water.  So I proceeded to do so (as I have done many times before), but after a while it became a game of opening her mouth in the water so she could blow bubbles, but she would just purposefully drink the water instead.  Ewww and yuck.  A good time was had by all anyway.

On a side note, the babies loved the pool  Jack’s legs never stopped moving while in the pool.  He was so relaxed a laid back the entire time, even while his older siblings poured water over my head and some spilled onto his own.  He just laughed and smiled.  Oh I hope he is a water baby like his Mommy!

Updated: July 26, 2008 — 4:57 am

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