Kenniston & the Solar System

For Vincent’s 5th birthday (July 9th) Grandma McGovern in Montana sent a very much desired do-it-yourself Solar System kit. It took us 2 days to completely make the Solar System, but we finished it a few weeks ago. I knew that Vincent would love it, after all, he requested it. I, however, did not expect Kenniston to have such an interest in it. She can identify planets and knows their uniquenesses as well.

Today as I was cleaning up the kitchen she stood at the Solar System poster I taped up to the laundry room door. She was talking to herself about the planets and asked me which planet was Venus. With out really looking too hard (I was cleaning, remember?) I pointed to a turqouise blue planet and continued on with my work. She looked for a few seconds then put her hands on her hips and said “that is not Venus Mommy, this one is. See, it has a V and Venus starts with a V.” Ok, that got my attention! I stoped to look and sure enough, she was right. I asked her what the other planet was and she said, “that is a U, it is Uranus.”

Oye, we are in for it!

Updated: August 30, 2009 — 9:58 pm

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