Kenniston’s goals

This is how the conversation went with Kenniston:

Me: well some of my goals are going to be give more, meet new friends, learn something new like a new photography skill, or read my Bible more. When you make a goal it should be something you want to work on.

Kenniston: Well I want to find people who don’t have any food, people that are homeless.

Me: that is a great goal.

Kenniston: Yeah, I want to get a lot of candy canes and put them in a really big bag and pass them out to homeless people, that way they can have food to eat.

Me: that would be nice, but I think they might want other food to eat as well.

Kenniston: Ok, then I just want to feed the homeless people some food.

With out further adieu, Kenniston’s goals


{stay tuned for Vincent’s goals coming tomorrow}

Updated: January 4, 2011 — 4:16 am
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