Kenniston’s long hair

Kenniston is turning into a little girl.  It is apparent in her daily conversations (today we had a great conversation I will elaborate on later), he playtime, and in her apperance as well.  I was able to braid her hair this past Thursday night.  I came out cute, but trying to photograph it was like trying to nail Jello to a tree.  Here is the best photo I could get.  Forget trying to adjust my lighting, it just wasn’t happening with this wacky 2 year old.

So early tonight Brian told me about a conversation he had with Kenniston it went something like this:

“Daddy I am Spiderman (she puts her hands out like Spiderman does when he makes a web), I do Hook Em Horns.”
“No Daddy, now I am captain Hook, Walk the plank, hehe.”

She is a nut!

Updated: July 27, 2008 — 8:40 am
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