Lego Friends

It’s what you do on a lazy Sunday after noon:

#legofriends it's what ya build on a Sunday afternoon.

Then you decide that you want to make apple pie from the book that you read earlier in the week.  So you get out your bark of the Kurundu tree and grind the cinamon for the pie:

Grinding the bark of the Kurundu tree. My house smells fragrant. #fiar

Then you make your own butter.  (not pictured because of the tedious amount of shaking that you have to do).

And then you make the crust (also not pictured because flour is too messy to be around your spiffy iPhone).

And then you cut up apples, throw together the rest of the ingredients and cook the pie.  None of which is pictured because, well, let’s face it…there is one of you and 4 of them and you are a little crazy for attempting to make an apple pie on a so called “relaxing Sunday afternoon.”  Now that 2 hours have passed since you started this crazy homemade apple pie making adventure, put it in the oven.

Viola, homemade apple pie.

#applepie #fiar the kids were very exited! Despite the fact I don't care for apple pie, I ate it and REALLY enjoyed it!

Now tell the kids that is what you are having for dinner because now you are too darn tired to make a so called actual dinner.

Updated: September 3, 2012 — 6:04 am
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