Life is good.

As I sit here and type this blog, Brian and the big kids (los ninos grande as we call them) are downstairs in the lobby enjoying a healthy serving of cookies and milk.  I would have joined them, however the babies were extremely tired from our long day and just had to go to bed.  It is the last night of our 8 day vacation and it has been amazing! 

Tonight we decided to stay in a hotel and enjoy the last part of our trip.  We really enjoyed our church camping trip and the time with the McGovern family, but this last little bit with just our family is great too. 
This has been quite the exhausting trip for everyone.  The kids have rarely napped and bedtime has pretty much gone out the window.  My once veggie devouring children have pigged out on a plethera of sweet treats, I am sure high fructose corn syrup was involved in a few of those treats Surprised  You know what, I am not going to worry about it.  I joined the laughter of two happy kiddos as they jumped like little monkeys on the hotel bed.  I encouraged the running in our hotel room.  I happily said yes when they asked for ice cream, even though they had eaten their weight in cookies and brownies.  I rarely said a word when only carrots and strawberries were the only thing eaten on their dinner plates (did I mention both said items were dipped in whipping cream?).  We are on vacation and we are loving it! 
The smiles on their faces are priceless and this is only 8 days out of their life.  Eight days to live in glutony with out much sleep, swim away the afternoon, play put put golf and get as dirty as possible.  Baths, eh, we will get them another day.  Today, we are enjoying ourselves and it is ok.
We will be home sometime tomorrow.  Until then we are going to eat cookies, run around the hotel room and jump on the beds until we fall into a dream land. 
See you soon Washington!

Updated: July 18, 2008 — 3:25 am
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