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{here is a look at our first Christmas Newsletter as parents}

McGovernville Christmas 2004

We didn’t have the greatest start to our year. First the snow and weather of Northern New York proved to be treacherous and bitter. Snowfall of a 2 feet was common as was negative degree temperatures. To make matters even more interesting, Brian got news of a late winter/early spring deployment. Kathy, Kelly’s mom, decided it was time for Kelly to return to Texas during this deployment so she bought Kelly an airplane ticket to Texas. The very next day, Brian found out he wasn’t going to be deployed. Kelly still decided to take a small break and keep the March airplane ticket.


Kelly taught her last music and movement class. After teaching the class and working with kiddos for several years, she decided it was time to stop working and prepare for her own baby’s arrival. The preparation for Junebug was on.

Kelly flew to Texas to spend time with her family and enjoy the warm weather. She loved spending time with friends and family. She also enjoyed basking in the sun and taking prenatal swim lessons. Meanwhile, Brian was back in NY battling snow and frigid weather.

On the 2nd, Kelly turned 27. Brian joined her in Texas and they had a wonderful time visiting their old stomping grounds. The Mexican food was abundant, Starbucks Coffee was on every corner and we were in heaven! We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 22nd also. We didn’t have a big party, just being together was celebration enough.

Brian turned 30 on the 18th. Although this so called age scares some people, Brian seemed unaffected by it. Just days after both of us flew back to New York, we got some bad news. Brian’s entire Brigade would be deployed by June 30th, Kelly’s due date. We decided to move out of the 140 year old house that we had been living in and take up residence in Military housing. We couldn’t have done it without the help of some wonderful friends. About 15 people showed up to help us out. Kelly was
8 ½ months pregnant at the time, however, it only took one day to move all of our belongings! We managed to have everything moved, unpacked and the baby’s room half way completed by the end of the month.


According to her doctor, Kelly started to show signs that labor is near. Kathy, Kelly’s mom, flew in to NY on the 11th to help out. Brian left for Iraq on June 18th, 12 days shy of Kelly’s due date. Peggy & Jim arrived in NY on the 28th in hopes of meeting Junebug. Junebug’s date comes and goes. In the meantime, everyone was busy preparing for the baby’s arrival. The room was finished in plenty of time and the rest of the house was also baby friendly thanks to both sets of grandparents.


On the 9th, Vincent James made his arrival. After being in labor for only three days, Kelly gave birth to a healthy 7 pound, 5 ounce, 21 inch baby boy. Grandma Peggy stayed in NY until the 14th and Nana Kat stayed until the 21st. After that, Kelly took on Mommy hood all on her own. It was a big adjustment, but Kelly loved every minute of it.


Vincent proved to be a wonderful addition to our family. He smiled for the first time on the 6th and laughed shortly after that. He enjoyed looking in the mirror and taking a bath. Kelly had to work hard to get him on a regular sleep schedule; however he was sleeping for several hours at a time at night.


It took several plane rides and a few nights of sleeping on the floor of dirty airports, but Brian made it back to New York to meet his now 2 month old son. Vincent took to his Daddy right away. He began smiling and laughing for Brian shortly after meeting him. Brian had no problem adjusting to Fatherhood. He quickly learned how to change a diaper in a hurry and how to get Vincent to sleep with out any problems. The day after Brian went back to Iraq, Kelly found out that our house was infested with mice. She and Vincent spent two weeks living with Pastor Mike and his family.


Nana Kat flew to New York on the 11th. Kelly packed up the SUV and along with, Nana Kat, and Vincent drove from NY to TX. Traveling this far by car was quite the adventure, but everyone did wonderful! This was Vincent’s 1st Halloween. We don’t believe in witches and goblins, but we do believe in fun and silliness. So Vincent dressed up as a football and Kelly was an adoring fan. Together they went to a few parties and then “trick or treated” at a few friends houses.


On the 2nd Vincent went on his 1st plane ride. We went to MT to visit with the rest of the McGovern’s. Vincent loved spending time with his Grandma & Grandad. He was also fortunate enough to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. Grandma took Vincent and Mommy up to Red Lodge for a day of sledding and fun. Meanwhile, in Iraq, Brian took a convoy to another Camp. He was told that he will have to make frequent trips to this other camp to work on their legal issues. It was a nerve-wracking situation, but knowing that he was in God’s hands made it a little easier.


Kelly & Vincent flew back to Texas mid December. They were happy to arrive to beautiful 70 degree weather. This is Vincent’s first Christmas and it should prove to be an unforgettable one. Both Kelly & Vincent wish that it could be spent with Brian, however, they are both happy to be spending Christmas with Nana Kat and the Mapes family.
Vincent’s end of the year progress goes as follows:
He eats cereal and a variety of fruits and veggies, he sleeps through the night, he rolls over (and over and over), he scoots around, he sits up, he says “mama” and “dada,” he reaches out for people, he grasps toys with both hands, he loves the song “Old MacDonald had a Farm,” he loves taking a bath, and he is well loved by many.

Brian is still taking convoys to and from other camps in Iraq. Please continue to pray for his safety. You can email him at:

Kelly and Vincent will be in Texas until March. After that they will drive up to Colorado and spend some time with family there, then they will travel to Montana and stay there until May. After that they will head to Indiana for some more family time and back to New York in time for Brian’s arrival (sometime in June or July).

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

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{I think it will be neat looking back on each year and the changes made over the years. I hope to post more past McGovernville newsletters each day as Christmas approaches. Check back for more past year updates.}

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