MANY People are VERY Good

So I started this blog for a few reasons.  I hoped to electronically journal memories that our children provide.  I thought it would be nice to share those memories as well.  I admit, though I don’t do it often, I also thought I could vent a little.  I forget that people actually read these memories, however I was recently reminded. 
After my little vent about the whole wallet situation, I was reminded that there are amazing people out there.  My friend Mandy was a tremendous help that day, I had many friends email me and leave me kind comments, my Mother In Law left me a sweet email, and I had friends calling to ask how things were going.  My brother in law, Mark, and his wife, Adrianna, were very thoughtful and sent me a new Lane Bryant card in hopes of helping to replace the old one.  My Mamaw took time to find a funny card that she sent along with some cash as well.  Each and every one of you are amazing!  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome loving people and I thank you so much for thinking of me! 
Updated: August 12, 2008 — 8:05 am


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  1. You make me out to be a saint in these blogs.. isn’t that what friends are for???


  2. Kelly – I just found out about your wallet horrors today. Sorry I’m not too regular on the blog-reading! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I am very, very thankful for your saintly friends! I prayed so hard for you to find good friends after your tough experiences in New York. Praise the Lord for your church and friends!
    ~ Lara

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