Marble Falls weekend trip

Here’s the story about how we came to stay at this really nice RV park this weekend.

At the place where we “live,” there were some problems with the water lines, and we were told we might be without water for several days while they fixed the problem. Seeing this as an opportunity to test out the trailer in an actual traveling scenario, we started calling around to various RV parks to see if there was somewhere with a spot available at such short notice.

We checked, which partners with certain RV parks to provide two free nights to active duty military, and found this place: Sunset Point RV Resort.

I called the park and asked what I would be paying for the third night, since only two nights are covered. The guy asked, “You’re active duty?”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“No charge. You’re not paying to stay here.”

There are certain things I’ll miss about this military lifestyle, and it’s not about discounts and free stuff. It’s the appreciation that so many people have for those of us in uniform. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I walked through the DFW airport to cheering civilians, or when some anonymous person paid for my breakfast at a Bob Evans in Indiana last month, or when some Canadians stopped my colleagues and I in the Seatac airport to thank us for our service and to wish us good luck in Afghanistan. I’ll also never forget the extremely generous care packages I received while deployed. Some of those amazing folks I still keep in contact with now, and consider them dear friends.

So it feels like this trip, and the kindness shown by the folks at the park are part of a culmination of generosity and appreciation that I’ve experienced over the past eleven-and-a-half years.

More to follow…


Updated: September 7, 2014 — 9:05 am
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