Meet Sunshine

As you may remember, we had a dog for a while.  And then we didn’t.  He required a family with more energy.  And more spouses living in the home.  And less homeschoolers.  And higher fences. And one lacking air conditioning cords.

So anyway, we passed the dog along to another family (who, by the way, is having all the same problems despite having put the dog through training….glad it wasn’t just us, just sayin’).  Then a cat adopted us.  After a few weeks, apparently, the cat found somewhere else to call home.

So I promised the kids a new cat.  And wouldn’t ya know it, a friend from the kids’ gymnastics class just happened to have a cat who was unexpectedly expecting.  So I opened my big mouth and offered to take a kitten as soon as he was ready to leave his mother.  Once the litter turned 10 weeks old our friends started asking if we were ready.  Then they texted me a few times.  Finally I obliged and we got the kitten.

I was kind of nervous about this cat.  We had planned on keeping him indoors until we were sure he was ready to be outside.  I thought it would be a week tops.  Well, it was a bit longer.  He now sleeps outside and hangs out all day, but he is a good cat.  He is so patient with the kids and he tolerates them carrying him around like a baby doll.  Or sack of tators.  He is also crazy hyper at night, hence the outside sleeping quarters.  He is sweet though and we are all enjoying his presence.

Especially Ruby.

Ruby loves our new cat.

Updated: August 2, 2012 — 3:49 am
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