Miss Kenniston Elaine

My dear sweet vivacious Kenniston Elaine. You are growing into a little girl. Your kindness and helpfulness is never ending. I love how you come to me at any given time during the day and offer to help me out. Most of the time if I ask you to help, you do so with out complaining. And while you do so, you love to chat.

You tell me made up stories about your space friends (currently you have a few, one of them is princess Leia) and any recent movie you have seen or book we have read together. You like to tell me your ideas about how things work and come up with solutions to problems. Just today during our nature walk you came up with the idea that the snake we were observing should eat his shed skin. You later remembered how the same snake smelled with his tongue and drew a picture of him doing so. I often forget how much you retain. It blows me away!

You are turning into a little leader as well. You love to lead your little brother and sister around. Sometimes they don’t want your help, but most of the time they love to follow you around and play tea party, dress up or mommy & kiddo.

Recently when we were in Billings Montana your great-uncle Terry gave you an incentive of sorts. He gave all of the kids a dollar if they smiled for a group photo. You kiddos did just that and you each got your dollar. When I took you to spend your dollar you proudly purchased a lovely pot of fake flowers. You held tight to those flowers and kept them with you the rest of our time in Montana. You were devastated when we got home and you realized that the potted flowers were left behind. Never fear sweet girl, Grandma found them and has them for you. I think it is so sweet, however, that you have such a love for these flowers!


Right now you also love your (new) Baby Jesus, R2D2 (from Uncle Cam and cousin Liz), “daughter” Maria, and of course, your ever-so-loved purple blanket.



I have loved watching you grow up and really enjoy this fun age you are in. It makes me anxious to watch you continue to grow and become a little lady. I love you sweet girl and I am proud to be your Mommy!

Updated: August 10, 2010 — 7:08 am

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