Mommy & Son Date {at Forza and the grasspark}

Jack and I had the opportunity to go on a Mommy and son date.

He asked me (in so many certain terms such as “my guy, Mommy my guy go?”) if he could bring along a friend, or two.


I said yes, after all these guys seem to be attached to him lately. He usually has at least one in hand at all times. This one he usually calls “Superman,” though he sometimes gets his actual name correct and calls him “Batman.”


We started out at Forza. I ordered a tea and had high hopes for some great photos of Jack hanging out with me. I even bribed (er I mean offered) him with a lollipop. It worked. For .25 seconds. Then he.just.kept.moving.


and Batman did too. Like this time when he was flying on Jack’s lollipop.


So we headed outside where he could roam free and ride his bike. Oh how that boy loves to ride his bike.


Once he finally stopped riding for a bit, he decided it was time to show me his belly.


I finally, somehow, convinced him to walk with me a bit. We got to watch the sun fall below the buildings around our favorite grass park. As it was setting I watched the golden colors kiss his olive toned sun touched cheeks and it hit me! The perfect shot of a rambunctious boy, only slowed down by the setting sun!

090 copy

And then, before I knew it, he flashed me his warm loving smile.

097 take 03

What a way to end a Mommy son date.

Updated: August 26, 2010 — 6:26 am

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