“Mommy when Nana gets here…

can she watch the babies while you take Kenniston and I to McDonalds so we can eat inside?”  This was a request from my dear cute son Vincent.  A few times a month the kids get the rare treat of driving through McDonalds.  The chicken McNuggets and apple dippers aren’t quite as bad as other things on the menu, so I don’t mind the added mommy guilt.  My kids, while excited about the opportunity to eat junk food, really want to go inside and see the inside of said restaraunt.  A few days before Nana’s arrival during some errand running Vincent asked the above question.  Talk about depriving my kids, I won’t even let them see the inside of a McDonalds.  And the sad thing is, they think it is because I don’t want to take the babies inside.  The babies do add some extra work to get inside, however, they aren’t the reason for us not going in.  The only reason why we even go to the fast food joint is because we are in a hurry and for whatever reason I hadn’t prepared a lunch (or dinner) for the kiddos.  Truth be known, I don’t really like fast food, but my kiddos do need to eat and when we are out and about it is just easier…
So, when Nana came we made a date.  On Wednesday after PWOC (my on post Bible study) I took the big kids on our date.  I even let them get a happy meal.  They loved it, every bit of it.  Getting chocolate milk, getting a toy with their meal, and I think most of all…time with just mommy (no stinky noisy babies to interupt them).  We got silly and had a great time.  Honestly, I enjoyed it too.

Updated: October 10, 2008 — 6:49 am

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