Mommy You are a Queen….

So we are going to throw rose petals down so you can ride along them in your wheel chair.


Instead of rose petals, they threw down clover leaves. Then they all took turns pushing me up and down the sidewalk. All of this happened during Vincent’s Cub Scout meeting.




I knew we needed to get out at some point during the day. Usually I take Kenniston, Jack, and Ruby to the park on Monday evenings. While they play I run. It is always a lovely workout. With a broken ankle, this, obviously, is not a possibility. Instead of our regular Monday evening park adventure, we chose to get our energy out by pushing around a wheelchair outside the school of Vincent’s Cub Scout meeting. And by “we” I mean the kids. I can tell you that they will all sleep well tonight!

Today I find myself thankful for the imagination of my children.

Updated: January 13, 2014 — 9:30 pm
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